GloriaPM is the official website of Spanish digital artist Gloria Piñeiro Muñiz. Being a self-taught artist, she started painting and drawing as something-more-than-a-mere-hobby from a very young age and spent endless exciting and adventurous hours studying paintings and drawings of old and new masters she loves and admires, aiming to discern the secrets of representing light, composition, and colors.

She has been influenced by many different artists, painting methods, and genres: from classical painters like Rubens to contemporary fantasy artists such as Ciruelo Cabral. But her goal in the art world is to find her own personal style,  show her life point of view and express as well as discover her innermost self through her artworks.

Living in an amazing era for visual arts, she has only recently started offering her skills to others. In this line Gloria has worked on several both Spanish and international books and illustration projects, such as Earth Remembers When, a children’s picture book about the impact of our action on the environment by the award winning author Dawn Wynne, and Taming the Scratchy Monster, another children’s picture book that aims to support teaching of children with skin rashness by Kristina Ventura, among others.

Although her personal works tend to be more complex and she is still evolving and perfecting her personal visual outlook and grip on the imagined and the real worlds she inhabits, Gloria knows one thing for certain: she will grow day by day.